Here is a nice story, dedicated to all Daughters and Daughter-in-laws ! (considering the shocking fact that many parents still prefer boys …for what?!)
A couple made a deal the night of their Marriage to “NOT open the door of their room to anybody who comes knocking in the morning for whatever reasons!”
In the morning the parents of the husband came & knocked on the door. Husband and wife looked at each other and as they agreed before, they didn’t open the door.
After a while the parents of the bride came knocking at the door to check on them. Once again the couple looked at each other, then the bride dropped a tear and started crying and said: “I cannot keep them knocking and not open the door, I miss them already…” Husband didn’t say anything and he let her open the door for her parents.
Years passed and the couple had 5 children. The first four were boys and the 5th was a girl. When she was born the father was extremely happy that Almighty blessed him with a baby girl and he threw a Huge Party to celebrate the occasion. Friends and relatives were so amazed with his joy & happiness that they asked him,“why are you so happy with her, more than with her older brothers?!”
He answered simply: “She is the one who will open the door for me!”

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